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W: $, AoS H: Firestorm Planetfall, Khorne BB, CoC, Minions

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W: $, AoS H: Firestorm Planetfall, Khorne BB, CoC, Minions

Post by errgin » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:36 pm

Hello all, looking to sell or trade some items for systems I am not playing. Prices do not include shipping. Please ask questions if you have any. I am open to offers. Asking prices are listed. Buyer pays prior to shipping.

Interested in trades for Warhammer Age of Sigmar Slaves to Darkness. Looking for chariots of either type, warshrines, chosen, warriors, daemon prince, spawn, characters

AoS Khorne Bloodboumd
3x Mighty Lord of Khorne
70x Bloodreavers
15x Bloodwarriors
3x Skullcrushers
2x Bloodstoker
1x Slaughterpriest
1x Aspiring Deathbringer
1x Exalted Deathbringer
1x Bloodsecrator

12mm-15mm Dwarfs
I have a lot of small dwarf models I was using for kings of war once, bought it as a lot, so not sure on all the manufacturers.
Rough numbers are:
50 sword and shield with a couple guys with standards
16 bear riders
15 war pick and shields
24 long rifles
10 pikes
16 spears
40 crossbows
40 various hand weapons
1 elemental
6 lesser elementals
4 attack cats
1 scorpion rider

Dark Age items are assembled or partially assembled. Will sell both factions for 50 shipped in the US.
Dragyri Warband 50
Soul Warden, Taskmaster, Spearslaves x 6, Slingslaves x 4, Shardslaves x 3, Arbiter of Fate
Forsaken Warband 35: Warwind, Bane x 3, Coil x 2

Firestorm Planetfall all items are assembled. Will sell both factions for 275 shipped in the US.
Aquan 174
Assault Helix, Light Infantry Upgrade, Core Helix x 2 - 1 painted, Heavy Armor Helix
Directorate 159
Assault Helix, Light Infantry Upgrade, Core Helix x 2 - 1 painted, Works Raptor Recon Helix - painted

Relic Knights Doctrine and black diamond

Wrath of kings shael han
iron lotus box
assembled and primed:
legionnaire - 12 a couple painted
wrath - 6
sister - 3
legion keeper - 2
madam mui
shield of taelfon
hong yao
red willow

Circle Orboros
Megalith - assembled and painted
Wold Guardian - missing a face, assembled
Sacral Vault - partially assembled and painted
Meat Thresher - primed and partially assembled
Croak raiders - painted
lanyssa - painted
Feralgeist - painted

Convergence of Cyriss - not splitting
lucant, axis, mother, syntherion, assimilator, modulator, modulator, monitor, cipher, inverter x 2, galvanizer x 3, mitigator x 2, diffuser x 3, transverse enumerator, algorithmic dispersion optifex x 2, optifex directive x 2, enimga foundry x 2, obstructors, reductors, perforators, reciprocators, eradicators, reflex servitors, attunement servitors, accretion servitors, prime axiom, prime conflux, transfinite emergence projector - all are painted except perforators, which are assembled.

Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
Location Omaha, NE. Offers are valid for 48 hours. If I say a model is painted, I mean it has paint on it. It is not bare metal/plastic, and it is not just primed. It does not mean it is painted well, or to any kind of standard. Ask for pictures if you're not planning to strip everything anyway.

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