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H: Firestorm, WM/H, Krosmaster, etc W: $$$, Kros, Robo, Fire

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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H: Firestorm, WM/H, Krosmaster, etc W: $$$, Kros, Robo, Fire

Post by Kirin_Folken » Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:44 pm

Buyer pays shipping, unless agreed otherwise. I generally ship priority mail or 1st class, unless you want otherwise. I will give you options, I use Paypal for transactions. I require that I send you a paypal Request for payment. It makes it easier on my end. If trading, person with the lower rating sends first, if buying I do not ship until the money is in my account.

Want/Willing to trade for:

Video Games:
Twilight Princess on GameCube (Must be in good condition or New. If you only have the disk don't bother offering it).

Firestorm Armada:
Hawker Industries
RSN: Cerberus Heacy Crusier

Robotech Tactics:
Tomahawk/Defender Destroids (looking for 2 of each)

Krosmaster Arena:

Season 2 figures:
Doo Rex (Blue Hair)
Bandit (Any level 2)

Season 3 figures:
Kaniball Thierry
Moon (monkey)



Gale Force 9 Token sets: eButcher (loose but all there, never been used) $5

Pendrake *assembled, bare metal* $5

Following have missing parts :(

Druid OverSeer (missing NON-Weapon Arm) $5
Kaya the Moonhunter ** DOES NOT INCLUDE LARIS ** (missing weapon arm) *Bare Metal* $5
Sentry Stone + Mannikins (missing 2 arms, 3 heads) *Bare Metal* $ 5
Kaya (orginal) missing arm) *Primed Black with some white dry brushing* $ 3

Take all 4 ^ (above only ) for $10 !!

Heavygear: ( Feel free to make offers )

* Old style * Visigoth Main Battle tank (Assembled, painted) $20
* Old Style * Hun Tanks (assembled) * Issue with rocket pod * $ 10
* Old Style * Hun Tanks (assembled) $ 12

Take all 3 above tanks for $35 !

(2) Stone Head 4pack *NIB* $18 each
(4) Stone Head 2pack *NIB* $8 each
(4) Badlands Outpost Set *NIB* $60 each

(2) Southern Black OPS Cadre *NIB* $30 each

HHT-90 Overlord HoverTank *NIB* $80

Southern Army Starter (new) *NIB* (3) $60 each
CEF Army Starter Box *NIB* $70
P.R.D.F. Army Starter Box *NIB* (2) $70 each
Northern Army Starter Box *NIB* $70
PAK Army Starter Box *NIB* $70
Black Talon Army Starter Box *NIB* $70

Firestorm Armada:
*All Firestorm Armada minis are New in book.*
*Number in the ( ) Shows how many of each I have*
*Most of the firestorm is older models, I have tried to note which ones are mark IIs, if you have questions please ask :D *

Relthoza Starter (2) $50 each
Relthoza Cruiser 2 pack. $10
Relthoza RnD Cruiser (2) $10 each
Relthoza Frigates 6pack (2) $12 each

Aquan Prime Starter (1) $50
Aquan Guardain Shoal Patrol Fleet (1) $50
Aquan 2player starter (ONLY Aquan half) (1) $25
Aquan Hydra Battleship (1) $13
Aquan Barracuda Frigate 6pack (1) $13
Aquan Escorts 6pack (1) $12

Sorylian Starter (1) $50

Terran Starter (2) $50 each
Terran Titan Dreadnaught (1) $24
Teran Frigate 6pack (2) $12 each
Terran Frigate Mk2 4pack (1) $10
Terran Carrier (1) $12

Directorate (2) $50
Directorate Dreadnaught (1) $25
Directorate Battleship (1) $12
Directorate Frigate 6pack (1) $12

Dindrenzi Cruiser 2pack (1) $10
Dindrenzi Claymore Carrier (2) $10 each
Dindrenzi Victory Heavy Cruiser (1) $10

Tarakain Cruiser 2pack (4) $10 each
Tarakain Battleship (1) $13
Tarakain Tarl Class Frigate 5pack (1) $13

Veydreth Hunter Destroy 2pack (1) $10
Veydreth Prowler Gunship (2) $10 each

Xelocian Frigates 4pack (1) $14
Xelocian Cruiser 2pack (1) $17

Ba'Kash Destroyer 2pack (2) $12 each
Ba'Kash Heavy Cruiser (2) $10 each each
Ba'Kash Sharnak Cruiser (1) $13
Ba'Kash Kelor Frigate 6pack (1) $13
Ba'Kash Sharnak Cruiser *Closed* (1) $13

Terquai Empire Torpedo Cruiser 2pack (2) $12 each

Corsairs Outlaw Frigate 6pack (2) $13 each
Corsairs Brigand Cruiser 2pack (2) $11 each

Marauders Corvette 6pack (3) $12 each
Marauders Gunship (2) $9 each

RSN:Battleship (1) $16
RSN: Carrier (1) $13
RSN: Spook Cruiser 3pack (1) $21
RSN: Destroyer 3pack (1) $12
RSN: Frigate 6pack (1) $13

Oroshan Imperium Armageddon Dreadnaught (1) $25
OmniDyne Foundry Dreadnaught (1) $30

Syndicate Spur Heavy Cruiser (3) $10 each
Syndicate Phantom Battleship (1) $13
Firestorm Armada Game cards (2) $5 each
Gun/Torp Sats (2) $15 each


Goultard the barbarian
Ruel Strou
Count Frigost
Vlad's Mount
Frozen Trees
Dead Trees
Ice Blocks
Frigost Expansion
Not Mines Expansion
Original Krosmaster (Board, tokens, dice only. Tournament kid. Same as big box, just minis the box and the minis)
Krosmaster Foil Cards
Metal Kamas
Metal Bucket of Glory
Metal Frigost Coin
Krosmaster Junior (Openned, figures switched out)

**I have extra's of all Frigost 3d terrain and summons (tofus, penguins etc)**

Halo Fleet battles:

UNSC Large Battle Group Upgrade (1) $25
My rules: (Stolen from other memebers but great rules to work by)
lower feedback ships first
I ship with Delivery confirmation and expect the same
Sales transactions, money in my account before I pack things up
I will notify you by PM when your package has arrived
I will post feedback ASAP, no longer than 1 week after I recieve the items.

Sorry I dont ship outside the states.

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Re: H: Firestorm, WM/H, Krosmaster, etc W: $$$, Kros, Robo,

Post by 17 Space marine 17 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:12 pm

Is your Heavy Gear tanks the old rafm 1/87?

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