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Batman Mini game, Marvel Mini game, Star Wars Destiny W:$+

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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Batman Mini game, Marvel Mini game, Star Wars Destiny W:$+

Post by jengland » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:53 pm

I have the following stuff I am looking to trade or sell:

Arcane Rifleman (NIB)--$13

Captain Rengrave (NIB)--$11 retail

Renegade (NIB)--$16 retail


Sacral Vault--$110--primed green--partially assembled

Widowmaker Scouts--partially painted--$20

Tactical Arcanist Corps--$30
Gorman--bare metal--$8
Kell Blalock--bare metal--$10
Captain Damiano--primed black--$14
Drake McBain--bare metal--$12
Steelhead Cavalry--max unit--bare metal--$90

Praetorians swordsmen NIB--min unit--$35

I have the following Batman miniatures game miniatures, Marvel Universe Miniatures Game and DC Universe Miniatures Game miniatures for sell(I would really prefer to sell these but I have a few things I will consider in trade):

Condition notes:
Bm--bare metal
Pb--primed black
Pw-primed white


Kid flash--$23--bm
Mr. Freeze--$23--pw
Cat woman --$23--bm
Red hood--$23--pb
Robin (arkham knight)--$23--painted
Robin arkham city (Nib)--$23
Batgirl --$23--bm
Batgirl (animated series)--$23--pb
Batman (arkham origins) nib--out of print --$23
Batman (dark knight rises)--$23--painted
Green arrow (Animated series) --$23-bm
Green arrow --$23--bm
Black flash (promo)--$30--bm
Alfred pennyworth (promo)--$30--nib
Riddler crew--40-painted
Riddler bots 3 extra--23-primed black
Riddler mech --$48-nib
Titan Bane--$40--bm
Swamp Thing--$30 --painted
Black Canary --$23--bm
Bane (dark knight rises)--$23--bm
Bane crew--$40--bm
Dead shot--$23--painted
Solomon Grundy --$30--bm
Captain boomerang --$23--missing scarf--bm
Mr. Zsaaz crew--$40-zsaaz painted
Firefly --$25-painted
Scarecrow (ao) out of print --$23--painted
Harley crew--$40--painted
Harley Quinn (ao) oop--$23--nib
Harley Quinn sidekick--$23-painted
Harley Quinn thugs set 1 (Nib)--$23
Gatling Brute--$25--pb
Joker's elite clowns partially assembled--$23
Joker's clowns set 3 (Nib)--$23
Joker's clowns set 1 painted--$23
Black manta --$23--bm
Joker canister objective markers--$14--nib
Rick Flag (nib)--$23
Red hood arkham knight--$23--nib
Red hood--$23--pb
Professor zoom (Nib)--$23
Arsenal (Nib)--$23
Suicide squad box--$99--opened but unassembled
Batman Ben Affleck--unassembled-$35
Harley Quinn Bombshell--$75

Retail total--$1506
I'll do the whole lot for $1000 shipped in the US. I will split the lot just send me a list.


TRINITY STARTER--$33---I'll do $30 shipped in the US.



Avengers starter--$40
Black Panther--$18

eBay prices $273. I can do the whole lot for $260 shipped in the US or 10% off eBay prices plus shipping on individual pieces

Brotherhood of evil mutants

Brotherhood starter--$75
Sabertooth --$35
Emma Frost--$40

eBay prices $150. I'll do the whole lot for
$135 shipped in the US or 10% off eBay prices plus shipping on individual pieces.

X-men starter--$40
Nightcrawler --$40

eBay prices $160. I'll do the whole lot for $150 shipped in the US or 10% off eBay prices plus shipping on individual pieces.

Star Wars destiny: (includes corresponding die where applicable).

Star Wars destiny mini lot

Prices listed are retail prices from Coolstuffinc.

Datapad x2--$6 each
Hold out blaster x2--$20 each
Infantry grenades x3--$.50 each
Rey's staff x3--$.39 each
BB-8 x3--$.39 each

Leia Organa x1--$5
Admiral Ackbar x1--$4
First order Storm trooper x5--$1 each
First order tie fighter x3--$1 each
Scout x2--$4 each
General Veers x2--$3 each
Outpost x4--$2.50 each
F-11D Rifle x5--$1.50 each
DH-17 blaster pistol x3--$8 each
Survival gear x1--$2.50
General Grievous x1--$5

Diplomatic immunity x2--$1.50 each
Black market x2--$1.50 each
Tusken raider x3--$4 each
Bala-Tik x2--$4 each
Padme Amidala x2--$2 each
DL-44 heavy blaster pistol x1--$5
Gaffi Stick x1--$3
Infiltrate x1--$1
Jetpack x1--$10
Finn x1--$5

Rey x2--$.79 each
Qui-Gon Jinn x2--$5 each
Nightsister x4--$3 each
Force Throw x2--$15 each
Lightsaber x5--$2 each
Jedi robes x5--$1 each
Immobilize x4--$.49 each
Mind Probe x1--$13
Padawan x1--$4 each
Kylo Ren x1--$.50

Retail $281--I'll do $240 shipped in the US for the lot.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition:
Player's handbook
Queen of the dragon hoard
Rise of Tiamat
Curse of Strahd
Volo's guide to monsters
Sword coast adventures guide
Assault of the Giants board game --pre painted preferred but will take unpainted

I'm also interested in D&D miniatures and terrain etc. (battlefield in a box, dwarven forge etc.).

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