FS: Infinity Starter NIB, Sedition Wars Kickstarter Lot NIB

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FS: Infinity Starter NIB, Sedition Wars Kickstarter Lot NIB

Postby Vycem » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:50 am

or Sale:

Operation Ice Storm boxed set, brand new unopened. Asking $70 shipped in the US.

Sedition Wars
Original Biohazard Pledge + Extras
Core Set
Custom Dice
12 additional troopers, 12 Additional strain phase 1 + 2
Limited Resin Warr sculpt
How to Paint Sedition Wars dvd
2 Aditional Phase 3 Scythe
2 Additional phase 3 Brimstone
1 additional Chtnonian
1 Additional Grencila
1 Additional AI drone
6 Baby AI drones
Cyber Akosha
Weekan HDR
Morgan & Biohazard Suit
Warr in Gnosis Armor
Additional Sculpted Bases for everything
Calamity Crew Add-on (i.e. the Not Firefly figs)
CIA Susan Ridley add-on (I.e. not Ripley)
Hexen Phrecirus (I.e. not Caprica from Battlestar Galactica)
Terrain Pack
All additional cards
-Asking $100 shipped in the US
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