[H] X-Wing, more [W] Paypal $$$

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[H] X-Wing, more [W] Paypal $$$

Postby WerrWaaa » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:47 am

I live in Pasadena CA if you want to do local pickup. Otherwise shipping to CONUS only. Not breaking up lots, because we all know I'll get left with crap bits I can't do anything with. I have some pics linked with some of the lots, but ask for more if you want them.

NECRONS - http://imgur.com/a/ReTGf

12 Destroyers ($200)
3 Tomb Blades ($41)
Annihilation Barge ($37)
16 Flayed Ones ($140)
Nightbringer ($37)
5 Praetorians ($33)
9 Deathmarks ($60)
5 Lychguard ($33)
10 Immortals ($66)
3 Wraiths ($47)
38 Warriros ($110)
Battleforce box ($80)
2 Lords
1 Dest Lord
2 Heavy Destroyers
Helldorado Efrit for a Ctan lord
Warmachine Cankerwurm to convert a destoryer lord or something

Total retail: ~$1200

Asking: $700 shipped


I also have two Army Transport bags, empty, will ship with any army purchase for $20 (small) or $30 (large). Note, you might get some foam, but it wont be pretty and there are no guarantees. (scroll down: http://imgur.com/a/T31L6 )


TYRANIDS - http://imgur.com/a/EhM5S
Oh god, tons. Mixed old and new. A few of them are in trashed condition, the forgotten remnants of an ambitious conversion project I didn't have the stones to work on. Especially the old metal models will need to be stripped. Not all of them, though. The big plastic bugs are being cleanup up and re-primed as you read. Letting it go as is for $500. See photos: http://imgur.com/a/EhM5S


AoS Skaven - Some paint, almost all assembled. Square bases. Excellent condition.

NUMBER, NAME, (EST. RETAIL) - http://imgur.com/a/lNEiT

Thanquol and boneripper. ($77) (Mediocre paint base coat)
Doom wheel. ($33)
2 warp lightning canons. ($66)
Hellpit abomination. ($56)
Plague claw catapult. ($33)
3 Stormfiends ($62) (mostly NoS)
4 jezails. ($68)
3 plague wind mortars. ($45 based on current weapon teams in print)
4 warpfire throwers. ($60 based on current weapon teams in print)
3 ratling guns. ($45)
7 rat ogres. ($80)
4 packmasters. ($60)
4 enginseers. ($40)
1 warlord. ($19)
1 greyseer. ($22)
2 assassins. ($33)
66 handweapon clanrats, 54 spear clanrats. ($210)
24 plague monks. ($35+)
9 plague senser bearers. ($60)
39 storm vermin. ($88.50)
pics: http://imgur.com/a/lNEiT
Total: $1200 rough estimate.
Asking: $800


Board Games - http://imgur.com/a/T31L6 – shipped, except for Tanhauser
$25 - Epic PVP Kickstarter with expansion add on
$40 - Zombicide Wrath of Kings Promos, Alyana and Union Worker
$50 - Doomtown Reloaded - Two core, half a dozen small packs, two pine boxes, playmat, promo jokers, deck tin
$200 – Tanhauser complete. And awesome. Comes with a bunch of rando hero clix I was going to convert into WW2 hero and villain teams, such as the Hellboy starter, and some Cap and Hydra stuff. Big tool box carrying case. Shipping is extra for this puppy, cause it's heavy.
$20 – Smashup Munchkin


Wrath of Kings - http://imgur.com/a/lNEiT
$150 - Hadross - Kickstarter army, plus a couple unit boxes, character boxes. Half unassembled off sprues (chaos! pure chaos!)
$100 - Nasier - Kickstarter army plus characters and a unit box (one dude can with two left arms and they never responded to my efforts to have it replaced)


MALIFAUX - There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details.

Malifaux Neverborn $85 shipped
Starter: Pandora, Dreamer, Two-player half painted
Wrath, unassembled. Comes with measure from starter.

Malifaux Ten Thunders $60 shipped
Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases
Lust, well painted.

Malifaux Ressers $120 shipped
Starers: Kirai, Nicodem
Canine Remains, Mindless Zombies, Necropunks, Transparent Bete Noir, old Graveyard Spirit, Sloth-- if they arent in the photo they are on sprue

Malifaux Gremlins $240 shipped
Starters for Ophelia, Somer Teeth, Brewmaster, Zoraida, old Somerteeth (with warpig), Mah Tucket (unopened)
Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Haulers, Merris, Nightmare Golem, Gluttony, Piglets, Effigy
About a third painted pretty well.

Malifaux one-offs – add shipping
Pride $10
Pink Sniper $10
The Hanged Starter $30
Metal Rats and rat counters (reaper plastic rat swarms) $15
Alt Kaeris $10


Guild Ball:
$80 Hunters: Starter, Chaska, Seenah (NIB)
$80 Butchers: Season 1 Starter, Boar, Meathook, Shank, Princess, Tenderizer, Filet (primed, some paint)
$80 Masons: Season 1 Starter, Brick, Flint, Tower, Chisel, Hammer, Marbles (primed)
Take two teams for $150, or all three for $210. Templates with any team purchase at +$5.


3 starters, Falcon, both Aces sets, B wing, K wing, (one each of an A wing, X wing, Y wing PAINTED TERRIBLY YOU WILL HAVE TO STRIP THEM)

CCGs- make an offer. Boxes of Warlord and 7th Sea. Warcraft playmat. Got some MagiNation laying around somewhere too.
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