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FS/Trade Lord of the Rings

Postby MeninGreenFaces » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:12 am

Hello all, thanks for talking the time to read this.
I have a couple hundred Combat Hex figures.
120 Elfs in Armor with Swords, Bows etc.
24 Numenor Warriors.
18 Riders of Rohan.
I also have lits of HeroClix figures :
Lots of bad guys, Orcs, Uri-Hai, Orc Leaders, Fellowship, Elves, Rohan, etc.
Reaper Pre-Painted figures :
24 Elves with bows or spears.
55 Orcs with bows, swords, spears.
I have the following GW figures :
Fellowship, Bill the Pony, Gandalf with cart, Gandalf Grey, Gandalf White foot and mounted, King Aragon foot and mt.
Rohan: 24 Riders of Rohan, Erkenbrand ft/mt, Theodan ft/mt, Gamling ft/mt, Eomer ft/mt, 12 Warriors ft, Eowyn ft/mt, Rohan Capt ft/mt, 2 Bannor Bearer ft/mt, 4 Royal Guard ft, Sons of Earl, Grimbold, 4 Flag Bearers ft, 6 Royal Guard mt, Commanders ft.
Hi Elves :
Elrond/Gilgalad, Elrohir, Elladen, 73 Hi Elves in Armor,
Arwen ft/mt, 3 Command with banners, Armor/Glorfindek, Erestor.
Galadhrim Elves :
42 Warriors ft, Haldir, Celeborn, Thranduil, 3 Command.
Wood Elves:
24 ft., Legolas.
24 ft in Armor.
8 Warg riders, 4 Wargs, Goblin King.
25 Orcs, 32 Hi Elves painted, 16 Dwarves, 24 Wood Elves mt painted.

I would be interested in selling all fairly cheap or trading for Alamo figures, American Revolution figures, Civil War figures, WW2 US and or Germans. Maybe Romans, Spartans, Maybe OK Corral buildings, Western buildings and or ?.
Also would consider large scale figures like 90, 120 or ?Alamo, American Revolution, Civil War, WW2 US/German, Napoleonics, Western (really interested in these), or ? Would be interested in just about any large scale, e me with what you have please.

Thanks allot for taking the time to read this and I really appreciate any offers to buy or trade.
Email to : MenInGreenFaces@gmail.com
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