Have: Battletech/Aerotech, W: Paypal

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Have: Battletech/Aerotech, W: Paypal

Postby serrate » Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:28 am

Alrighty, I've been sitting on this pile of metal for far too long:

Stock - Quantity - Name
BT-026 1 Union DS
BT-023 1 Overlord DS
BT-042 2 Pentagon DS
BT-020 1 Leopard CV
BT-032 2 Leopard
AR20-025 2 Pinto
AR20-028 2 Lola II
BT-257 1 Concordat
AR20-040 1 Dart
AR20-021 1 Winchester
AR20-044 2 Mako
AR20-041 2 Vincent Mk 39
BT-138 1 Essex
BT-180 2 Congress
BT-121 1 Black Lion
AR20-032 2 Bonaventure
AR20-023 2 Vigilant
AR20-199 1 Baron
AR20-029 2 Naga
AR20-170 1 York (20-170) NiB
AR20-044 1 Mako (20-044) NiB
BT-357 2 Invader

A lot of the above warships are already based, since at one point I thought I was really going to get into Aerospace stuff, haha. Also have some additional bases available, about 4 standard flight bases, 4 medium space bases, and some of the micro bases.

2 Stuka
6 Scytha
6 Eagle
10 Corsair
5 Zero
6 Thrush
13 Sparrowhawk
7 Jagatai
5 Samurai
8 Hellcat II
10 Stingray
12 Vulcan
I've got some more of these that I've already based on the small individual bases as well

Generally speaking, I'll go 60% retail on anything. If you happen to request a ship that has already been based, then you get the base for free. :)

Ok, other aerospace stuff...
Battlespace The Battletech Game of Space Combat boxed set (1680) - complete I think, lots of stuff punched out, but this includes the maps, and even the plastic stands for the cardboard ships and stuff. Box in good condition with lots of shelf wear. - $30

Aerotech 2 (1718) - book for aerotech that actually includes a page of cardboard ship counters still attached to the back cover - $15

And other stuff:
TRO 3026 - excellent condition - $8

RPG stuff:
Have an extra copy of Mechwarrior 2nd edition Role playing game (1641) - $5
Mechwarrior Companion (1671) - $5
Bloodright (1666) - $8
Royalty and Rogues (1676) - $5
Living Legends (1646) - $5

Boxed sets:
Solaris VII The Game World - A Campaign Setting for Battletech and Mechwarrrior II - excellent condition, box is solid, shelf wear only - $60 (includes The Reaches)
-This is unpunched in excellent condition, including all maps, advertisements, RPG books, and even some mech cards that are really weird, lol
-Also includes the following book: Solaris: The Reaches (1659) - this includes what look like 3 extra maps as well

Battletroops - A game of Urban man-to-man combat in the Battletech Universe (1637) - $20
-mostly unpunched as well, this is complete including a few maps specific to this game.

Adding some mechs:
Nyx NX-90
Battle Hawk
Longshot NIB
Whitworth (Starter sculpt from Support Lance Pack 10-043)
Stealth NIB
Huron Warrior
Centurion (old sculpt) broken arm - $5
Black Lanner
Quickdraw (Starter sculpt from Support Lance Pack 10-043)
Jagermech III
Zeus (Starter sculpt from Support Lance Pack 10-043)
Battlemaster (BF)
Executioner (Gladiator)
Dire Wolf (Daishi) (old sculpt)
Dire Wolf (Daishi) (old sculpt)
Dire Wolf (Daishi) (old sculpt)
Dire Wolf (Daishi) (old sculpt)
Chippewa - Missing tail fins $2

Same deal, 60% of retail.
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