H: WZR W: Cryx, DZC, DFC $$

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H: WZR W: Cryx, DZC, DFC $$

Postby dasmithfam » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:26 pm

After some introspection I've decided I've got too many game systems on my plate. I've got 3 armies for sale or trade:
2 Starter Sets (20 Ronin, 2 Meka, 2 Hiroko)
10 Hatamoto
Lord Commander Nozaki
Tatsumoto KS exclusive Doomtrooper
3 Mishima Objective tokens
(1 ronin is missing a torso and an arm, I haven't pursued missing parts yet)
Asking $75 including shipping

20 Chasseurs (4 Missile Launchers)
2 Atilla MkI
3 Cybertronic Objective tokens
Asking $55 including shipping

Dark Legion:
3 Starters minus 2 Razides(30 Undead Legionnaires (6 flamer, 6 HMG) 4 Necromutant Leaders, Alakhai the Cunning)
6 Necrobeast Riders
6 Praetorian Stalkers (ranged)
3 Praetorian Stalkers (cc)
Praetorian Behemoth
Nepharite of Algeroth
3 Dark Legion Objective Tokens
Asking $175 including shipping

HC Rulebook
Template and Token Set
New Card deck
A whole mess of 1st edition cards
a few random dice.
2 Imperial KS exclusive Doomtrooper
1 Capitol Henry Thomas
1 Roberto Feltordo
Asking $75 for the lot, but I'm willing to break this up.

For trades I'd be interested I'm really only interested in NIB or at least unassembled stuff.
Cryx: Let me know what you've got. Would love some Satyxis, plastic Slayers and a number of other things. Don't need Bane Warriors.
DZC: Scourge and UCM, might consider Resistance
DFC: Scourge and UCM, Space Station and Sector pack
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