[H] AoS, 40K, DB, BA, The Walking Dead, Malifaux [W] $$$

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[H] AoS, 40K, DB, BA, The Walking Dead, Malifaux [W] $$$

Postby Dez » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:02 pm

Hi All!

I'm selling some Ogres and Dwarfs. I've also got a HUGE lot of Hobbit stuff, Walking Dead All Out War Something to Fear, Dreadball Lot, Bolt Action Sealed Starter, Outcast Malifaux and Thousand Sons dice. Please make offers, including shipping anywhere in the US. If you have any questions or need more pictures, please let me know.

The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter: $175
Complete, the box opened and terrain punched for ease of travel.

Space Marine Razorback: $30

Ogres: $300 obo

These are also fully painted and ready for the tabletop, with lots of fun conversions! This makes about 3000 points for Age of Sigmar.

Skrag the Slaughterer (Butcher with Cauldron)
Yhetees x3
Tyrant x2
Ogres x9
Ironguts x9
Gorgers x4
Leadbelchers x14
Marauder Giant

Dwarfs: $200

These are mostly built, a few are painted and some are from Battle for Skull Pass.

10 Irondrakes
19 Ironbreakers
6 Slayers (1 BFsP)
20 Miners (10 BFsP)
23 Thunderers (BFsP)
35 Warriors (20 BFsP)
16 Quarrelers
2 Organ Guns
1 Cannon (BFsP)
Plus the contents of a BfSP Dwarf Sprues
Broken Gyrocopter and lots of bits

The Hobbit:
Limited Edition Starter, built
LE Carrying Case
Large hardback rulebook
Trolls, built

Bolt Action D-Day Firefight Starter Set
: $60
New and Sealed

Malifaux: All sold with cards

Guild: $300 for the lot
LE Female Santana Ortega (New): $75
LE Alternate Francisco Ortega (New): $30
LE Miss Anne Thrope (New): $30
LE Alternate Perdita (New): $50
LE Red Translucent Witchling Stalker (New): $15
Relic Hunters (Lucas McCabe, Built/Based): $25
The Latigo Posse (Perdita, Built/Based): $25
The Torch and the Blade (Sonnia, Built/Based/Painted): $25
The Torch and the Blade (Sonnia, Built/Based): $25
Witchling Stalkers (2, Bulit): $10
Death Marshals (5, Built/Based/Painted): $25
Perdita (New): $10
Abuela (Built): $10
Brutal Effigy (Built): $10

Outcasts: $75 for the lot
LE Johanna (New): $35
LE Mailfaux Child Dayglow Pink (New): $35
Hired Guns (new and sealed): $30
Hannah (new and sealed): $25
Sue (Built): $5
Metal Freikorps Specialist (Built/No card): $10

Neverborn: $150 for the lot
LE Miss Ery Teddy (Brand New): $50
Hide and Seek (The Dreamer, Built/Based): $25
No Shelter Here (Pandora, Built/Basted/Painted): $25
The Swamp Hag (Zoraida, Built/Based): $25
Starter Set Neverborn (Built): $25
Waldegeists (Built/Based/Primed brown): $15
Teddy (Built): $10

Dreadball: Full of Kickstarter stuff and exclusives, each of these are double teams worth of models (So double Asterians, for example) and include some special models. Great way to get multiple Blood Bowl teams cheap! $50 and $15 shipping gets it all to you in the US. PM for details/pics.

Asterian Team
Veermyn Team
Robot Team
Nameless Team


More pics here https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM ... 1haVdrMlVR
Easy guidelines for trading with me:

The trader with the lower rating will need to ship first.
Delivery confirmation for both parties required. I will always send the delivery confirmation number to the receiving party, and I appreciate when the same is done for me.
Don't be a jerk or treat me like one.
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