H: lots of Infinity,orks&miscW:$$,army swap for 40k,misc 40k

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H: lots of Infinity,orks&miscW:$$,army swap for 40k,misc 40k

Postby hersoldier » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:38 pm

Have a bunch of infinity Stuff for trade . Just never was able to get into it. Nowhere near as familiar with it as WH40k , so not sure what is current. Looking to trade for current 40k army. The retail for the assembled and opened stuff runs around $600.00 and I will trade that 50% in your favor ( so $300.00 trade value) the stuff that is still in packs/boxes or "nos" retails for around $300. So I would like to trade to whole for $600.00 in total value. Interested in Grey Knights ( current only) Not looking to buy. Will sell all of the Infinity for $450.00 plus shipping in the US.Will not split for sale!

PanO ( in packs/blisters)
Kirpal Singh
Akalis Sikh w/spit fire
Lt. Rao a.pistol and combi
Indigo spec-ops extra weapon sprue
Fusiliers combi + lt.gl
Acontecimento Regulars
combi and spit fire
combi and lt.gl
(sapper) sniper
KotHS w/spit fire and ex ccw
KoS boarding shotgun and ap ccw
Bagh Mari combi
Buleteer REM assembled with blu tac
hellcat boarding shotgun
hellcat HMG and hacker
Gecko squad
Corregidor Juri. command

ALL BELOW ARE ASSEMBLED PRIMED/PAINTED , OLDER MODELS. Link to pictures http://s202.photobucket.com/user/chancetre7/library/
2x Bashi Bazouks w/holos(painted)
7x Ghulum infantry(3 primed black, 4 painted-6 rifles, 1 HMG)
Tuareg hacker(painted)
3x Rajiks(2 painted, rifle/HMG, 1 primed grey, missing wings )
Khawarijs(primed,brushed tan)
Djanbizan hacker(painted)
Naffatun(painted, from starter)
Hunzakut sniper(primed black)

Yu Jing:
all have Secret Weapon bases(Zen Garden, I believe) unless listed
Sun Tze 2.0(partial paint, easily strippable w/simple green)
Imperial Agent, Crane Rank(I think, drybrushed grey over black primer)
5x Wu Ming(painted OCS, box set figs missing back antennae, one with deckplate base)
I also have an additional non-Infinity fig I used as Ninja, a ninja-like sci-fi fig converted to carry a sniper rifle, from Freebooter Minis

if no paint listing, they're mostly painted but incomplete(like no flesh painted)
Antipode Pack w/Handler(painted, old sculpt)
Van Zant(painted)
3x Line Kazaks(bare metal)
2x Veteran Kazaks(1 bare metal w/rifle, 1 painted w/HMG original sculpt)
Tankhunter w/Autocannon(bare metal)
Uxia McNiell(bare metal, original sculpt)
Scots Grey(bare metal, starter box fig)
1me Para w/HMG
Briscard w/missile launcher(bare metal)
7th Rangers GL
1st SAS w/pistol & knife
Equipe Mirage 5(painted, converted machete to chain rifle)

Pan O:
5x Fusilers(2 w/HMG, 3 rifles, all painted but 1 mostly painted, all old sculpts, does not include the helmeted guy from the old starter)
3x Acociomento regulars(painted)
5x Bag Mari(2 snipers-1 painted, 1 HMG, 2 rifles, primed black)
6x Akalis Sihk Commandos(3 primed black, 3 painted; 3 rifles, 1 HMG, 2 boarding shotguns, 2 missing backfins, all old sculpts)


1 x Goliath GSC truck

Assembled ( bare )

10 flashgits

Army swap for current grey knights

NEW Tau crisis suits
Ghost keel
Kataphron Breachers
Electro priests
1) I can only trade in the states
2) offers are good for 24 hours
3) Please leave feed back.
4)) Lower rating or bad refs. ships/pays first, even if it's me.
5) paypal for buying/selling

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