H: X-wing, XCOM W: Armada, X-wing

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H: X-wing, XCOM W: Armada, X-wing

Postby Cepheus » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:48 pm

US Only
I am a new Barter Towner but, can provide a reference from a long time Barter Towner who is a RL friend (Orsson).

  • XCOM Board Game (Sealed) - Good game, but won a second copy in raffle so figure someone else would like it
    • XWing
      • Scum and Villainy - Will throw in custome cut battle foam tray that fits about half of these if you buy/trade whole set.
        • 2 x Kihraxz Fighter (one sealed, one opened complete/unpunched)
        • 1 x Mist Hunter (sealed)
        • 1 x Hounds Tooth opened complete/unpunched
        • 4 x M3-A Scyk Blister packs (used complete)
        • 1 x Starviper (used complete)
        • 1 x Most Wanted (Z-95 and Y-wing plus Additional Cards) (used Complete)
        • 2 x IG-2000 (used complete)
      • Imperials - Currently holding on to them but could be convinced to thin the fleet for the right trade.
        • 1 x TIE Punisher (opened complete/unpunched)
        • 1 x VT- 49 (used complete)
        • 1 x Lamba Shuttle (used complete)
        • 2 x TIE Bombers (used complete)
        • 3 x TIE Defenders (used complete)
        • 2 x TIE Interceptors
        • 2 x Imperial Aces (2 x TIE interceptors with different cards and paint schemes) (used complete)
        • 2 x TIE Advanced (used complete) (no Raider Cards)
        • 4 x TIE Fighters (used complete)
      • Rebels
        • Keeping these, none to trade

  • Star Wars Armada (required used, unpainted, complete or better)
    • Rebels
      • 1 x MC30c Frigate
      • 1 x Liberty
      • 1 x Hammerhead Corvettes (not yet released, but adding now for future viewers)
      • 1 x Phoenix Home (lower priority)
      • 1 x Home One (lower priority)
      • 1 x rebel fighter Squadrons II
      • 2 x rebel transports
  • Star Wars Xwing
    • Rebels
      • Heroes of the Resistance
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