H: ForgeFathers, RPG Books W: Circle, $$$, Dnd 5e

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H: ForgeFathers, RPG Books W: Circle, $$$, Dnd 5e

Postby Drewvolker » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:06 pm

Greetings B-Town!
So due to life changes and different models/games I am back to sell/trade away even more of my various projects and sets. Got the following Forge Fathers/"Not-Squats" (Mantic Games) army, and two almost complete sets of RPG books for a few good games I never got a group together for. My wants are listed below, and prices for sale are listed under each lot. Not looking to part out anything, so messages asking me to will most likely be ignored. Thanks for your time, have a great day!

Forge Fathers:
Ingulf Krestursson (special character with pet dog)
Huscarl: 2
Bjarn Starnafall: 1
Stormrage Veterans: 30
Steel Warriors: 35
Older Steel Warriors: 80+
Forge Guard: 24
Hammerfist Drop Troops: 5
Iron Ancestors: 3 (One with bits to make hellermal variant)
Brokkrs: 5
Hailstorm Cannon Cannon: 3
Urban Demolisher Cannon: 1
Plus a load of bits and bodies so most likely more models. Mostly on sprue still, with most of the older steel warriors made and a miss mash of the other kits made. Willing to entertain offers, but only looking to part with this as a lot.
$250 shipped in the states.

Core Rulebook
GM Screen
Those Who Walked Amongst Us
Gaia: Beyond the Dreams
Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural
Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki
$120 shipped in the states.

A Song of Ice and Fire RPG:
Core Rulebook: Game of Thrones Edition
Campaign Guide: Game of Thrones Edition
Nights Watch
Chronicle Starter
Peril at King's Landing
GM Screen + Map of Westeros
$150 shipped in the states.


Prices included with each lot description. Shipped price is only to the continuous USA.

Hordes/Privateer Press:

Circle Orboros: Anything is a possibility, but I am more interested in living warbeasts over the wolds. Also would consider any merc/minion models that can work for circle.
Gen-con/exclusive models: Would also be interested in any of the convention exclusive models, formost the druid gone wilder, but want to pick up one of each of them eventually. Though, please keep in mind they get re-released twice a year, so they are not worth 4-5 times retail, at least in my opinion.
Books/Misc: Circle Orboros Command mk3 book, circle tokens, circle mk3 cards, circle templates.. etc. You get the picture.
All that said, unassembled models would be the best, though I would also consider unpainted models. Painted models are overall worth less to me, as I'd have to end up stripping them as the color scheme I will go is not the standard one.

DnD 5e:

Curse of Strahd: Need the actual campaign book, the tarokka cards and the DM screen.
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