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Postby ranzin » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:44 pm

Hey B-towners, want to clear my shelves a bit of stuff that is just laying around. I want to trade more but will be willing to sell, but would prefer to sell in lots as I don’t want straggling models. Also the “Shipped” amount is for ConUS only. If you are anywhere else it will be about 50% plus shipping to where you live.

Kings of War/Age of Sigmar (they are on bases for KoW but could take them off and use them in AOS or something)

Bloodreavers (37 from starter) 20 for 58= $80
Bloodwarriors (5, but from starter) 10 for 62= $25
Chaos Knights (16 horses, 15 riders, 1 lord from manticore) 10 for $60= $96
Chaos Marauder Horsemen (5 horsemen, 8 Dark Elf horses) 10 for $50= $30
Chaos Warriors (25 HW/Shields) 16 for 40= $62.50
Chaos Marauders(8 HW/shields, may have more bits in bits bag) 20 for 38= $15.20
Retail $308. 70 (also got a bunch of bits I will send with lot)
Shipped $154

2x Imperial Knights (arms magnetized with multiple options and carapace weapons magnetized, 1 almost fully painted, 1 partially painted) $157 x2= $314
Both shipped $250

Privateer Press

Sorcha 1 $8
Sorcha 2 $14
Vlad 1 $11
Behemoth (old sculpt) $50
Beast 09 $55
Drago $60
Destroyer $35
Juggernaut $35
Eliminators $14
2x man hunters $20
Yuri $14
Wardog $10
Retail $326
Shipped $170

Witch Coven $23
Raider Captain (painted) $10
Sea Witch (painted) $11
2x Deathripper (metal, part painted) $15
2x Defilers (metal) $15
Reaper (metal) $30
Bane Lord Tartarus (painted) $17
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls (painted) $14
Blast template and some wreck base toppers
Retail $150
Shipped $75

Avatar of Menoth (old sculpt) $65
Retail $65
Shipped $30

Baldur the Stonecleaver $10
Grayle the Farstrider $14
Kaya the Wildborne (Variant) $13
Mohsar the Desertwalker $10
Argus x2 $30
Warpborn Skinwalkers $45
Celestial Fulcrum (NIB) $85
Horde Template set
Retail $207
Shipped $105



Yu Jing

Hsien (multi rifle)
Wu Ming Assault Corps (heavy RL)
Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank (Red Fury)
Imperial Service Yu Jing Starter (new one only)
Hack Tao (hacker)
Su-Jian IAU (new Sculpt)
Tiger soldier (boarding Shotgun)
Invincible Yan Huo (ML)
Zuyong Invincibles, TGerracotta Soldier (HMG)
Shang Ji Invinvible (Combi+LFT)
Daofei (multi rifle)
Guilang (Ghost Wolfs) (Snipers)
Hack Tao (ML)
Daofei (HMG)
Guilang (Combi Rifle)
Shaolin Warrior Monks
Imperial Agent, Crane (Multi, monfilament CCW)
Yaoxie Remotes (Lu Duan/Rui Shi)
Keisotsu Butai (HMG)
Ninja (Hacker)
Hsien (multi rifle)

Igao Unit (Boarding Shotgun)
Igao Unit (DA CCW)
Kotail Mobil Unit (Spitfire)
Gao Tarsos (Combi Rifle)
Gao Rael (Spitfire)


Anything other than operation Ice Storm models

Steel Phalanx models only

The Unknown Ranger
Marauders, 5307 Ranger Unit
Mavericks, 9th Motorized Recon Bat.
Foxtrot Ranger (boarding shotgun)

Soda Pop Minatures
Will entertain offers for anything Relic Knight
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