H: Combined Army, Skorne W: $$$

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H: Combined Army, Skorne W: $$$

Postby chadbacca » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:45 pm


$140 shipped (everything is the most current sculpt and plastic where applicable)
1x MKIII battlebox
xekaar (primed)
cyclops raider (primed, arms not glued on yet)
cyclops savage (primed, arms not glued on yet)
titan gladiator (painted, smaller arms not glued on yet)
1x prime morghoul (bare plastic, variant sculpt)
1x prime makeda (bare metal)
1x titan sentry (bare plastic)
1x molik karn (bare plastic/metal)
6x paingiver beast handlers (bare metal)
10x praetorian swordsmen (bare plastic)

Combined Army $110 shipped
onyx contact force (assembled, bare metal)
support pack (dr worm & drones- assembled & bare metal)
shasvasti'i sectorial (new in package still)
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