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H: CMON, Mantic, 40K, Inf, Wyrd, msc W: $, CMON, FSA

Postby CodenameDan » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:43 am

Hey Guys and Gals,
I have a few things up for trade/Sale. I don't want to split up the lots as I'd like to just get rid of everything in a few fell swoops. I can provide pictures of anything if you require them. Just about everything is bare metal/plastic, primed or nos/nib. Prices are cash value trades are retail for retail. I can ship international but shipping is additional in that case.

Dark Age:
Forsaken Classic Saint Mary Warband: All primed/painted
1x Saint Mary
2x Contradiction/Judah
6x Clergy Ann
7x Flense
4x Firestorms
95.00 Shipped

Classic Forsaken Saint Luke: Primed/ Bare Metal
Saint Luke (gun Variant)
1x Deathstryke/Banger
2x Warwinds
1x Sister or Compassion
35.00 Shipped

Wrath Of Kings:
1x NIB Great Horn 25.00 Shipped

Old Edition Corporation Marines: Bare Plastic/ Metal/NIB
*** Most of the built marine's arms are held on by sticky tack to make them removable for painting***
26x Built Marines
1x NIB Veteran Box
1x NIB Marines section
1x Heavy weapon
1x Major General
85.00 Shipped

1x Blaine of foot
10.00 Shipped

I also have 10 of the Tourney Kit Enforcer Captain Card. 2.50 Each

Guild Ball.
Meathook: Bare Metal
10.00 Shipped

Limited Edition Skitarri Book
75.00 Shipped

Joking Hazard “Blast From The Past!” Pledge – Never played
45.00 Shipped

1xLE Achilles: NOS & with everything in his box
25.00 Shipped

Ariadna: Bare Metal
1x Foxtrot Sniper
1x McMorrough
20.00 Shipped

Battle foam:
****Some of the pluck foam is picked unfortunately. I think there's a tray that's not though****.
Shield Bag
45.00 Shipped

Malifaux: Bare Plastic/nos
1x Pandora
1x Poltergeist
3x Sorrows

$$$ - Definitely Highest on this list

Dark Age Kulkulkani:
1x Honor Guard
4x Balam
4x Coatlanak
1x Quetzol
1x Coatlai
1x Tuucha'nak

1x Pathfinder
I know this is a long shot, but the Pathfinder Weapons Upgrade Kit
1x Tsuedo

Saint Joan:
The Grey Lady

Wrath Of Kings:
1x Pelgrath Brutes box
2x Arkizan Greatwings
Nasier Character box 3
Rising Conflicts book

Firestorm Armada:
Dindrenzi Destroyer Group
Dindrenzi Planetfall Naval Division Fleet
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