SALE) Palladium.GHQ 1/285 Robotech Miniatures

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SALE) Palladium.GHQ 1/285 Robotech Miniatures

Postby whiskerscat » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:31 am

To all Members:

I have 3 interesting items for sale, they are the GHQ miniatures of some of the Zentraedi mecha and Max Sterling's Veritech: They are unpainted, unassembled, and still in the original packaging:

Breetai in Heavy Body Armor qty. 1  $22.00  
Grell in male power armor qty.1       $22.00
Max Sterling's Valkyrie Qty. 1            $22.00  

If anyone is interested I will sell the lot for $66.00 included is USPS Priority shipping. Images available upon request.

I have to sell these items because of the snails pace from Palladium's books on their miniatures game. So if you are interested please private message me. They are being sold individually.  I ship internationally and will trade for Deep Wars and Shadowsea Miniatures.

    David P.

    Montrose, CA
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