H: WM/H W: $$$, Infinity, Malifaux, Guild Ball

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H: WM/H W: $$$, Infinity, Malifaux, Guild Ball

Postby Ronin » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:31 pm


Titan Gladiator $34.99
Cataphract Incindiarii (x6) $49.99
Aptimus Marketh $ 9.99
Cyclops Savages (x2) $18.99ea

Retail is $133, asking $50 for the lot

Madrak1 (partially painted)
Impaler (x2) (partially painted)
Axer (partially painted) $49.99 (mk2 battlegroup)
Dire Troll Mauler (metal sculpt) (partially painted) $32.99
Krielstone Bearers & Scribe (bare metal) $54.99
Token Set $14.99

Retail is $153, asking $75 for the lot


Pano: Dragao, Jotum, Black Friar, Montessa (LGL), Hopistaller w/Sword, Bagh Mari Unit, Fusilier SWC, Singh, Support Box
Dire Foes: Any except #2 & #6
Arcanists (no Rasputina or Marcus)
Anything with preference for Fishermen, Butchers, Masons, Hunters, gaming mat & tokens

Trades at retail vs retail.
If you trade for all of my remaining items for a given faction, I'll trade 20% in your favor; e.g $100 Infinity for $120 WM/H.
Buying? PayPal (everything at more than 50% off of retail, buyer pays shipping, sold as is)
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