FS: Deadzone, Dreadball, Warlands, KOW, WOK, BB

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FS: Deadzone, Dreadball, Warlands, KOW, WOK, BB

Postby Hamilcar » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:50 pm

(Location: Oceanside, CA – USA)

Kings Of War: DWARVES

Ironclads 60
Ironguard 5
Bulwarkers 20
Ironwatch (Crossbow) 15 – did these ½ and ½
Ironwatch (Rifle) 15 – did these ½ and ½
Rangers 20
Berserkers 5
Berserker Brock Riders 20
Ironbelcher Cannon/organ gun 2
Crew 4
Battle Driller 1 – Web/pts only model
Sveri Egilax 1
Dwarf King 1
Army Standard Bearer 1
Berserker Lord (w/ brock) 1
Warsmith 2

Condition: Ironclad, Rangers, Ironwatch, Ironguard, Berserkers all meticulously cleaned and assembled. All other models on sprue or in package. Nothing attached to bases.
Parts from Morgoth Rising, Dwarf/Orc Box, misc unit boxes (as per covers in pictures), and KOW KS Dwarf Add-on bag of models (bag shown in picture)
List Price ~$278
Asking $140 (Approx 170 models)

KOW Rules:
RULEBOOK V1 Hardback (Free)
RULEBOOK V2 Hardback
Kings of War Game Counter Set
Dice and Damage Markers
Kings of War Damage Trackers

List ~$80
Asking $40


BattleZones: Sci-Fi Urban Quadrant (DeadZone)
NIB – unopened
List $200
Asking $130 (includes Shipping to any mainland-US location) SALE NOW PENDING

Deadzone: REBS

REBS Starter Box x1
Support Booster x2
Troops Booster x4
Specialist Booster x2
DZ v1 REBS Faction deck
(Total of 53 models)

Condition: All NIB
List $215
Asking $100

Additional v1 REBS card deck $3

Deadzone: RULES – OLD SET

DEADZONE v1 Rulebook
DZ CONTAGION supplement
DZ INCURSION expansion
DZ NEXUS PSI campaign
DZ – A.I. Deck (for use with Contagion)
DZ Battlemat (mousepad material – original grey “tech” style)
DZ Acrylic Counters Set (v1)
DZ 10-sided Dice Set (10)

Condition: All in excellent condition
Asking $25

(Condition: New in baggies)

The Survivor (web only points model) $15
Ogre Merc Warrior (list $20) asking $11
Adrienne Nikolovski, Rebel Commander (list $11) asking $6 (2 available)
Chief Mauhulakh, Ork Sky Scarper (list $11) asking $6
Teraton Shock Trooper (list $11) asking $6


Deadzone: PLAGUE

DZ v1 PLAGUE Faction deck
DZ Acrylic Plague Markers (v1)
Plague Strider x1 (not fully assembled nor on base)
Stage 3A x6
Stage 3A HMG x3
Stage 3A “General” x2
Stage 2A x6
Stage 3D “Hellhounds” x4
Stage 1A x3
Swarm x2
Teraton x2
Stage 3A Mortar Team x2 (6 pcs)
Stage 3A “Boom-Stick” x2
Dr. Simmonds (Mercenary – Web Only Model) x1
(Total of 38 models)

Condition: Meticulously cleaned, assembled, based, primed white
List ~$200
Asking $100


DZ v1 MARAUDER Faction deck
Stuntbot x1
Goblin Guntrack x2
Commando Sergeant x2
Commando Pyro x3
Commando x14
Commando Captain x2
Goblin Sniper x4
Hulk x2
Ripper “Mauler” x2
Ripper “Rainmaker” x2
Boomer the Grenadier (Mercenary) x1
Mawbeast x2
Mawbeast Bomber x4
Chief Radgrad (Mercenary) x1
(Total of 42 models)

Condition: New in bags
List ~$195


Robots Team – 19 models (4xG, 4xS, 7xJ, 3xKD, MVP Wyn Greth’zki (web only model) all plastic :: 2 KD models & MVP are assembled/primed white) $35
Teraton Team – 20 models (9xG, 8xJ, 1xK, 2xKD, 10 plastic/10 metal) $30


WYRD – Malifaux (set for $5)
V1.5 Mini-rulebook
Rising Powers expansion rulebook

Warlands Post-Apocalyptic Car Battle game by Aberrant Games
All models NIB. Would prefer to sell as a set.

Battle Box (w/ 2xScout Buggy, Utility Truck, rules & dice)
2x Molers blisters (6 models – 2 holes)
1x Moler Holes terrain blister (3 holes)
1x RPG Team blister (4 models)
3x Bikers blister (6 models)
1x Boss Bike with Bitch (1 model)
2x Sandsurfer blister (one each of version #1 & #2)
1x Gyrocopter blister (1 model)
1x Rattler Gun Truck
1x Maxwell Car (w/ Stranger and dog Max)
1x Maxwell V8 Interceptor Car
1x Valiant WS Car

1x Truck Crash Scenery terrain
1x Buggy Crash Scenery terrain
2x Tire Stack terrain blister (4 pieces)

(Free throw in: 3 Hot Wheels Cars: ’70 Ford Mustang Mach 1 & Olds 442 & Other)
List Price is ~$215.

BLOOD BOWL (Compatible)
Fantasy Football Models by Black Army Productions

Gorton’s Fisherman Team (Chaos Team)
Chaos Warrior in Diving Helmet x4
Cthulhu-Tau x1
Fishman x7
** Condition: Fully painted to excellent standard. Ready for play. See images here:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/hamilcarb ... 0126948280
ASKING $325 (includes Shipping to any mainland-US location)

Willy’s Conquerers Team (Halfling/Treant Team)
Treeman x2 (unique arm sets)
Halfling x12 (each with individual helmet designs)
** Condition: Fully painted to excellent standard. Ready for play. See images here:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/hamilcarb ... 2469271233
ASKING $325 (includes Shipping to any mainland-US location)
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