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H: Malifaux, GW, WM, XWing W:Bolt Action, other

Postby Runewolf » Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:25 pm

Need to move whats not in use to get some extra space. Bunch of random things, if you want to buy please make an offer, complete lots will get a better deal. Only looking for NIB/NOS Bolt Action Soviets and terrain, Frostgrave models and terrain, BMG minis and terrain, feudal japan terrain, Battlefoam PACK bags and anything Project Z.

Lambda class shuttle
Slave I
VT-49 Decimator
2 TIE Interceptor
1 TIE Phantom
2 Elite Interceptor (red stripe and red one)
1 TIE Advance
1 TIE Defender
8 TIE Fighters
Litko acrilic maneuver templates
A boat load of dice, cards and tokens


-1 forgefiend
-3 obliterators
-1 demon prince
-1 hellbrute
-15 terminators

-2 IG Manticore


-Lilith crew box
-Nephilim box
-Metal Nephilim
-Metal Lelu
-Doppleganger NOS

-Goblin riding bunny

-2 Fate decks
-Scheme deck
-M2 rulebook
-M2 pocket book

WM Mercs

-1 Galleon
-1 Bucaneer
-1 Mangler
-1 Mariner
-1 Renegade
-1 Talon
-1 Rover
-1 Bartolo
-1 Ashlynn
-1 Magnus the traitor
-1 Magnus the warlord
-1 Shae
-1 Fiona metal
-1 Comodore missing bits
-1 Cutthroat unit
-3 Riflemen
-2 Gun crew
-3 Devils shadow muteneers
-1 Bloody bradigan
-1 Bosun Grogspar
-1 Kell Bailoch
-1 Sylyss
-1 Alexia and risen
-1 Rockbottom
-1 Gastone Crosse w 2 knives
-11 Sea dogs
Have more Mercs mostly pirates, will add to list when sorted.



-Kaya 1 (unbuilt)
-Baulder1 old

-2 Feral (painted)
-1 Stalker ((primed white)
-1 pureblood (primed white)
-Gorax (unbuilt)
-Woldwrath (painted)

-Lord of the feast (unbuilt)
-Alten (unbuilt)
-setury stone + twigs
-2 shifting stones (painted)
-Skinwalker (unbuilt)

Thanks for your time.
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