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H: Warmachine, X-wing W: X-wing, Warmachine, 40k, misc.

Postby Forsaken Poptart » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:37 pm

I'm interested in making some trades, so don't hesitate to send me a message!

A couple notes:

1) If it's not listed in my Wants list, I almost certainly don't want it.
2) I am not interested in buying at this time. I might be able to shore up a trade with some paypal, but my primary interest is getting models and items I'm not using off my shelves.
3) Make me offers, please- I will no longer respond to "how much for?" messages.
4) I give preference to someone taking a full lot or a significant chunk of models. Don't bother trying a lowball offer on one model or unit, it's wasting your time and mine.

Now that's out of the way...


X-wing- Will split for retail-to-retail trades, but would prefer to sell the lot for $150 shipped in the U.S.
The Force Awakens Core Set- NIB
T-65 X-Wing- opened, but complete. Also comes with Biggs Darklighter alt. art card and Biggs Darklighter tile (valuing at $30 for trades)
A-Wing (your choice of regular or Aces paintjob)- opened, but complete. Also comes with Tycho Celchu alt. art card. (valuing at $30 for trades)
Y-Wing- opened, but complete
Z-95- NIB
Z-95- NIB
TIE Phantom- NIB
TIE Punisher- NIB
TIE Defender- NIB
Scyk Fighter- opened, but complete
X-Wing dice bag


Gale Force Nine dice sets:
Khador- complete set with insert, pristine condition- $60 shipped in the U.S.

Gale Force Nine Terrain Sets:
Cygnar Storm Research Station-Opened, no box included: $100 + shipping

Khador Avalanche Cannon:
minor damage to the shell loading piece. Can provide pictures as needed. No box included: $90 + shipping.

Convergence- interested in selling as a lot, but will listen to competitive offers to break some of it up.
Painted models have very thin coats and I do not believe any are sealed, and can be easily painted over or stripped.

1 Prime Axiom- partially assembled, painted- comes with battlefoam tray
2 Inverters- 1 primed, 1 assembled
2 Cyphers- 1 painted, 1 assembled
2 Monitors- 1 painted, 1 assembled
1 Conservator- primed
1 Corollary- partially painted
2 Galvanizers- 1 painted, 1 assembled
2 Mitigators- assembled
1 Diffuser- NIB

2 units of Eradicators- NIB
1 unit of Perforators- NIB
2 units of Reciprocators- 1 unassembled, 1 assembled
4 units of Clockwork Angels- 1 NIB, 3 unassembled (all 3 units were thrown in a bag together- sorry in advance!)
10 Obstructors- assembled
10 Reductors- assembled
10 Reductors- 9 assembled, 1 painted
2 Optifex Directives- 1 primed, 1 assembled
2 Transverse Enumerator Unit Attachments- assembled

2 Steelsoul Protectors- assembled
2 Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex- 1 assembled, 1 NIB
9 Reflex Servitors- assembled, unpainted
9 Accretion Servitors- 3 painted, 6 assembled
6 Elimination Servitors- assembled
9 Attunement Servitors- assembled

I have a blister of extra servitors, not sure where they came from- 1 Reflex, 1 Accretion, and 1 Attunement (I think)
A light jack with broken legs- I think it's a Diffuser.
Mk2 token set

Menoth- Interested in selling as a lot, but will listen to competitive offers to break some of it up. No prices yet, so make me an offer!

I'm still unpacking and sorting this, so the list may change slightly.
I have a bunch of loose bits and stuff, if you buy the army or a big chunk of it, I'll include them.

Gale Force 9 Dice set- missing plastic insert
Mk2 Token Set
Broken Egg Measuring Widget Set in orange to match

Fire of Salvation- stripped, assembled
Blood of Martyrs- partially painted, assembled, on scenic base
Reckoner- well painted

Revenger (new)- well painted, assembled
Revenger (classic)- well painted, assembled
Repenter (new)- well painted, assembled
Devout (on Dervish body)- partially assembled

Vessel of Judgement- primed, assembled

1 Exemplar Bastion Seneschal- assembled, unpainted
1 Exemplar Errant Seneschal - unassembled
1 Hierophant- primed, assembled
1 High Exemplar Gravus- partially painted, comes with metal PP base
1 Initiate Tristan Durant- primed, assembled
1 Knights Exemplar Seneschal- stripped, unassembled
1 The Covenant of Menoth- partially painted, assembled
1 Vassal of Menoth- 1 painted, 1 basecoated
1 Wracks- painted

Attendant Priest Mercenary Unit Attachment- primed
1 full Choir of Menoth- partially painted (will include some extra grunts with broken staves, too)
2 Daughters of the Flame units- 1 partially assembled, primed grey. 1 unassembled/unpainted
5 Exemplar Bastions- partially painted, easily painted over or stripped
5 Exemplar Cinerators- unpainted, assembled
10 Exemplar Errants, plastic- partially assembled
Exemplar Errant UA- partially assembled
5 Exemplar Vengers- NIB
3 Exemplar Vengers- stripped
10 Zealots- various states of painted
Zealot UA- painted
Idrian Chieftain and Guide- assembled
Knights Exemplar, plastic- assembled
Knights Exemplar, plastic- assembled
Temple Flameguard (classic)- well painted
Flameguard UA- partially painted
Visgoth Rhoven and Bodyguards- unpainted

Dawnguard Sciyr with Sentinel bare head "conversion"- unpainted, partially assembled

Cygnar- $375 for the lot, shipped in the U.S.
pCaine- classic sculpt, stripped
Haley3- NIB

Journeyman Warcaster alternate sculpt- NIB
Archduke Runewood- partially painted

Centurion/Hammersmith/Avenger kit- needs to be remagnetized, the guy I bought it from used a weird size magnet. It can easily be corrected, I just don't have the magnets or the desire to do it. Stripped, magnets removed, body assembled.
plastic Ironclad- primed, assembled
classic Defender, partially assembled
classic Lancer- stripped, unassembled
classic Charger x3- partially painted, assembled
classic Sentinel- stripped, unassembled

5 Tempest Blazers- primed black, assembled
10 Precursor Knights and UA- some primed black, the rest unpainted
10 Sword Knights and UA- unpainted, assembled- might be missing some of the swords in scabbards
Full unit of Mechanics- some partially painted

pMorghoul- primed black

Gladiator Titan; plastic- assembled, partially painted
Cyclops Savage; plastic- assembled, partially painted
Cyclops Savage; plastic- assembled, partially painted, has a metal Brute head

Paingiver Beast Handlers- partially painted, assembled
Tyrant Commander and Banner- primed

Steelhead army- $350 shipped in the U.S.
Damiano- stripped, assembled

Rocinante- painted, assembled
Mercenary Warjack kit- fully magnetized, well painted
Talon- painted, assembled
Vanguard- NIB

Stannis Brocker- painted, assembled
Sgt. Verendrye- primed, assembled

Cygnar Town Guard x20- stand-ins for 2 full units of Steelhead Halberdiers- various stages of painted
Steelhead Cavalry x5- painted, assembled
Steelhead Riflemen x10- painted, assembled

Other mercenaries- make offers:
Galleon- needs some TLC; it's base cracked and there are still some remnants of old base on its feet that need to be sanded off or something. Otherwise in great shape. Unpainted, assembled.
Galleon- partially assembled, missing one metal bit (the pipe on the top of the body), otherwise in perfect shape.
Boomhowlers- primed, assembled, one weapon head replaced with a quake hammer head
10 Forgeguard- assembled, unpainted
Rhupert Carvolo- assembled, unpainted
Eiryss2- unassembled, stripped
Herne and Jonne- stripped, unassembled

pBaldur- NIB


Misc wants:

Cash is always best
Amazon gift cards are almost as good
2 boxes of Deathwatch Kill Team marines
1 box of Grey Knight Paladins- NIB only
1 box of Grey Knight Terminators- NIB only
Games Workshop Inquisitor Scale models- particularly the Eversor and Vindicare Assassins, but I'll take a look at anything you've got.
Kingdom Death miniatures- what have you got?

X-wing in order of preference:
Heroes of the Rebellion x1
U-Wing x1
TIE Striker x2
ARC-170 x2
Shadow Caster x2
Starviper x1
Kihraxz Fighter x1
Mist Hunter x1
Special Forces TIE x1
Protectorate Fighter x3

Autothruster upgrade cards- I'll take as many as I can get!

Warmachine in order of preference:

If you have a Hordes 10th Anniversary box laying around, let's chat.

Berserker/Mad Dog/Rager kit- NIB or Magnetized only, please!
metal Devastator
MoW Battle Mechanik UA
eZerkova- prefer NIB
Gun Carriage- must be NIB
ALL of the new Hordes warlocks from the Mk3 box sets
Winterguard Field Gun
Stormclad/Reliant plastic kit- NIB or Magnetized only, please!
Public release sculpt for Gastone Crosse
Hordes: Devastation
Do I owe you a trade ref? Remind me- sometimes I forget!
Awaiting trade refs from: tristym, bennythejew, yazaran

If you don't have your Location listed, take a second and update it!

-I respond within 48 hours unless utterly incapable. Please do the same. Any offer I make stands for that long as well.
-Lower rating? You ship/pay first. Same goes for me.

'How Much for...?' messages will no longer be replied to at all. I've been nice about it, now I'm done.
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