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H/Conan, Walking Dead, K47/BA, Batman Minis W/PayPal, Misc

Postby HeroicNerd » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:52 pm

Hello, I have some items to sell. Always willing to talk prices and deals... I mean it is Bartertown :)
Feel free to ask questions. Thanks

Walking Dead All Out War
Shipped in USA for $75

Conan King Pledge
Vanir Valkyrie add-on
Baal Pteor add-on

$200 + Shipping

Batman Miniatures Game:

Two Face Crew Starter
Gang Booster
+ all cards
(all painted to very high quality)
Shipped in USA for $150

Warlord Games:

M3 Lee Tank (painted)
Shipped USA for $25

Grizzly Walker (assembled)
Shipped in USA for $25


Afterlife Shards of Liberty KS
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