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H: gloomspite gitz/misc W: $/necrons/M:CP

Post by Tyrius » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:10 am


-Ghost arks. Possibly other necron newer plastic kits(non indominus)
-World war toons Shermans or t34
- Marvel Crisis Protocol. I have starter and venom so anything besides that possibly. Including 3x3 playmat and non starter terrain


60 stabbas. Skragrott. A loonboss. A fungoid cave shaman. loonshrine. 10 fanatics. 10 boingrot bounderz. 3 endless spells(missing cauldron). Mangler squig. Gobba palooza. These are all the newest plastic models.

Some are painted by a studio locally most are just assembled or Primed.

2x sets of looncurse minus 1x boss on squig new on sprue.

1x battletome and 1x warscrolls still shrink wrapped.
Retail is about $900 I will do $600 obo shipped to the US.

I can get pictures up of anything not new.

I have a Dreamforge Leviathan Crusader both 15mm and the 28mm Version I got in trade. The 15mm legs have been assembled.


28mm Also has the Capacitor cooler upgrade and 2x BEOWULF ARTILLERY -OR- GRENDEL SIEGE GUN and an extra vulkan cannon so you can have 2. Also has the Capacitor cooler upgrade

or both for $170 obo

-Box of Tomb King chariots (unopened)
About me:
1. GW retail doesn't equal value if you intend to sell me assembled/stripped/primed/painted items. These all devalue them and anyone can get 20-30% off GW retail NIB.
2. If I take the time to write you please be kind enough to at least tell me no or not interested.
3. Lowest reference ships first

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