H: Infinity, Aristea MonPoc W: PayPal KoW, 40k, AOS

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H: Infinity, Aristea MonPoc W: PayPal KoW, 40k, AOS

Post by CodenameDan » Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:15 am

Hey All,
Standard BT rules apply. Prices are in USD. All prices include Shipping within the USA. I'm willing to ship elsewhere at buyers expense. I'd like to move everything in the lots they're listed in. Hopefully the prices reflect that. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Aristea: 80.00
Core box
Collectors models box
Human fate expansion
Hexxr nomad witch

NA2: 20.00
LE Brawler

Monsterpocalypse: 25.00
LE Brewgrosh

PayPal - probably highest on my lists of wants.

Kings of War:
Let me know what you have. I'm just getting started so I'm open to anything. Although I do have a preference towards paladin and sisterhood units and heroes.

Adepta Sororitas:
1x unit of Retributors - preferably unpainted, built is fine.

Beasts of chaos:
All the Bullgors with great weapons you can muster. Seriously I'm looking for like 33 of them. Must have great weapons though.
2x Doombulls.
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