Konflikt '47 Japanese Starter Army W: $ or trades PRICE DROP

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Konflikt '47 Japanese Starter Army W: $ or trades PRICE DROP

Post by Shrapnelsmile » Sat May 23, 2020 3:37 am


Up for grabs is a K-47 Japanese starter box, with everything including small rule book. The heavy infantry are bagged loose.
Otherwise all is on sprue and new.


https://store.warlordgames.com/products ... a2af&_ss=r

$85 OBO shipped free to anywhere in the U.S.

Interested Trades:

40K Death Guard
Battlegroup Northag Plastic solider company starters and rule book 10mm
DUST 1947 various miniatures, grid maps or terrain
Battle Valor Fantasy 15mm models

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